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M i c r o - C a b a r e t .


11 am  



An acoustic showcase of

British cover songs 1965-85

It's sundown. You're out on the water, relaxing and partying on your sport fishing yacht. The only thing missing is... a great musician!  A private entertainer to take your evening up to the next level.  A world traveler who'll make it memorable for you and your guests without dragging out the usual cover band schlock. 


THE PYTHON ERA is MC Radiance on acoustic guitar & voice.  (Usually 'unplugged'.)  I perform selected songs from the vanguard of British classic pop  to soothe your soul. In fact I interpret the complete Sgt. Pepper album. I move through some acoustic Zeppelin & Sex Pistols, on into early 80s Police.


I bring my own monitor system as needed.  You're going to get a lot more than you bargained for!"


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